Touch Rugby

March 28th at 2:11pm Don Robertson

The end of the golden weather also brings the end of the touch rugby season. The team - the Falcons - had good year. Like last year, they had won every game in the regular season. Unlike last year, they also won the semi-final and the final.

The Falcons - Under 9's Halswell Touch Rugby Champions.

James goes for a touchdown
James goes in for another touchdown at the end of the 2016/2017 season
Also a special season for us - James got the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award and was the top try scorer for the team. Very pleasing, as we have always emphasised it is the team that wins, and James always acts as dummy half if he gets to the ball first. Which means he has to pass and can’t run.

This year, he will be the oldest player in his rugby team. Last year, he was one of the youngest - and could or should have played in a lower grade. So he’ll be one of the ‘leadership group’ with an extra year playing under his belt. So he will have to share the ball about - even if he could break the tackles most of the time.

Anyway - a great season for the Falcons! They all played well, and started to jell as a team. Next year, they will be in the Under 11’s, so they won’t be able to run around the opposition and will have to play as a team even more.


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