Italy relaxed its vaccination rules. What happened next will surprise you!

December 6th at 5:07pm
Italy relaxed its vaccination rules. What happened next will surprise you! header image

In July, the Italian anti-establishment, populist parties Five Star Movement (M5S) and Lega Nord relaxed a rule requiring children show a doctors note to prove they have been vaccinated before they can enroll in state run schools — parents only needed to assure the school the children had been i...

CJCC — Hide the links

CJCC — Hide the links header image

Ready to go to cricket this morning when the rain started to come down. So I went to check the Canterbury Junior Cricket Clubs pages on my phone to see if there were any cancellations. See if you can tell which bits of the page are links.

I cannot believe that in this day and age designers are sti...


November 13th at 12:08pm

Dear Editor,

In the recent squabble over electric scooters, a major point seems to be being overlooked. For sixty or seventy years, our roads and suburbs have been designed with only one type of road user in mind. Car drivers. Everybody else has been shoved off onto thin ribbons on the side of the...


November 11th at 9:49pm
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I took Harry (3 years old) up to the Halswell Quarry Park this afternoon for a walk. The Quarry Park has a large dog exercise area, but in most of the park, dogs are supposed to be on a leash. There are areas with walking tracks, picnic areas, mountain bike tracks and even a conservation area — whe...

Lynda online courses

August 10th at 12:18pm
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