Coffee Mug

Friday, May 31st


Image: Don Robertson Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
I made up a couple of coffee mugs for Sophea's birthday at the beginning of the year.
The mug in action
The finished mug.

The local camera shop can print wrap around images on the cups, and they can be collected from the shop. This saves on the postage so the cups do not become extortionately expensive :-)

To make the cups, first I went through the years photos (I store them in a Piwigo photo album) and selected about fifty photos. Then I used the command line to resize them. Once they were resized, I had to narrow them down to about 25 — and I think 15 - 20 would be a better number.

for file in *.jpg; do convert -verbose -quality 80 -resize 500 $file.500.jpg; done 

Some photos needed to be cropped and resized manually - or the sports ones would have a little dot of a figure in a field of green.

Once they were all resized and cropped, another command line command added the borders.

for file in *.jpg; do convert -border 10 -bordercolor white $file $file.border.jpg; done

Now, I could have used a command to create a canvas and place the photos randomly on it, but I wanted to be able to position the photos more accurately, so the best bits of each photo was visible. So I used Fotowall, a tool for making collages.

I like the result. Most of my photos sit in the digital equivalent of a shoe box under the bed. So some of the good ones do get seem — even if it is just by me as my eyes slowly open about half way through my first cup of coffee.


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