Cubby Boxes

Set of small drawers

Set of small drawers

Image: Don Robertson Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Surprisingly useful set of drawers
Set of cubby drawers.
One of the more useful things we made at Ara was this set of cubby-boxes. These were made to demonstrate the use of the hand router and how easy some good jigs can make things.

Unfortunately, they are partially responsible for me heading home and thinking I could knock up some cupboards and drawers for the garage in no time. Valuable lesson learned - first make your jigs. Or at least a fence that will let you route a straight line without moving.

One thing I will do when I make a jig for this is to make an option for half height drawers at the top. Be pretty useful for drill bits and smaller things.

And some decent handles — pretty near break my finger opening these things.


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