I like playing with software and use a lot of it. I am planning to write a bit about the software I like and use most. I do have a windows machine, but most of the time I use Kubuntu — the KDE version of Ubuntu — and Cloudready — a version of Chrome OS that can be installed on older equipment. The software here reflects this.


January 15th at 8:42pm
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Drupal is an incredibly powerful development frame work that can do just about anything. It used to be my go-to website system, but I got a bit disenchanted with version 8. Probably adopted it too early, and needed too much beta software, too many developer versions of developer tools. Version 7 was...


Flat File Content management system

Rapid Photo Downloader

December 7th at 4:32pm
Rapid Photo Downloader header image

If you take a lot — or even just a few — photos and use Linux, then you need Rapid Photo Downloader (RPD). I've been using it for years, and although Nextcloud and Gwenview can copy and sort your photos, they don't come close to RPD.

I have found — through bitter experience — that it is better n...


August 14th at 9:54am
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Details on the full capabilities of Spectre.css can be found in the Official Spectre Documentation

The Quark theme is the new default theme for Grav built with Spectre.css the lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework. Spectre provides basic styles for typography, elements, and a...


August 14th at 9:53am

Grav Cms

Zed Editor

July 4th at 4:12pm
Zed Editor header image

Zed is a Chrome app code editor - which means it runs on any platform Chrome Browser runs on. Including Chrome OS!

Zed also has a serverside application that allows the editor to edit files remotely.

This makes it a pretty good editor for Chromebooks.

Squid Proxy Filter

July 4th at 4:12pm

Squid proxy server and Squidguard URL redirector work together to filter out content and sites you do not want your users to go to.

Squid is actually a proxy server — that is, it will intercept a client's request for a page, fetch the page and deliver it to the client. It also keeps a copy of...


July 2nd at 12:00am
KDE header image

Kandalf the KDE mascot
I have been using the K Desktop Environment (KDE) since the mascot was Kandalf, and Kandalf retired in 2002. In those days, my main distro had been Red Hat Linux, then Mandrake Linux, then, when Ubuntu made a Debian distro that didn't need magic incantations to install, Kub...


NextCloud header image

Nextcloud is a big part of why I can use Cloudready machine for much of the time. It provides file sharing services, webmail, contacts and calendar sharing, password management, tasks, notes, bookmarks, and more. It has a load of Android apps for sharing, automatically uploading photos, syncing fil...