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Image: Don Robertson Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

I like playing with software and use a lot of it. I am planning to write a bit about the software I like and use most. I do have a windows machine, but most of the time I use Kubuntu — the KDE version of Ubuntu — and Cloudready — a version of Chrome OS that can be installed on older equipment. The software here reflects this.

for file in *.png; do convert $file -virtual-pixel none +distort Perspective '0,0,0,0 200,0,175,25 0,200,0,200 200,200,175,175' $file.perspective.png; done

convert -size 210x210 xc:none -page 200x200+5+5 ../background.png -page 200x200+5+5 acroread.png -background none -layers flatten aaa.png


Wednesday, November 10th
Palleton color pallet tool screen shot

Zed Editor

Sunday, April 2nd
Zed Editor header image

The Zedd project appears to be dead. There has been no activity on the code for a while. I'm not running a ChromeOS/Cloudready on my machine any more - so I don't have a use for a ChromeOS based editor. I do run ICEcoder ... if I need access from a remote client.

Shame, it was quite good, but th...