Windows 10

Wednesday, February 13th
Windows 10 doing ... something

I mostly use Linux — and have pretty much given up distro hopping in favour of Kubuntu Linux — but picked up a cheap, secondhand 'ultrabook' running Windows 10 - so am giving it a go.

Last time I really used Windows a lot was XP. I have used Vista a bit (and really didn't think it was that bad). So it is pretty irritating to have to go find how to do things in Windows that I'd just do in Linux. Eg, how much disk space do I have left? In Linux, open the terminal and enter df -h. In Windows, I have to open a web browser and go to Google (or, which I find myself using more and more).

XP was pretty good - when you were upgrading from Windows 95. But at that time I was mostly on Mac Sysem 7 and then moved to Linux - Red Hat, Mandrake then a *buntu derivitive. Gnome never really caught my fancy, though.

In a way, the operating system is not that important to me - I am busy installing the Nextcloud client, Inkscape, Scribus, LibreOffice, Vivaldi and Gimp. The Microsoft Mail client is pretty good for a basic mail client, but as I have my calendars and contacts in Nextcloud, I will want to have something that supports webcal and cardDAV. So probably Thunderbird.

Then there are the utilities that I use - Font Managers, Text Editors, Photo Downloaders and so on. Fonty Python and Rapid Photo Downloader are both Linux only — so I'll need to find some alternatives.


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