June 5th at 5:15pm

Player of the Month
Player of the Month
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South West Zone Cross Country

Cody, James and Rhyse
Cody, James and Rhyse after the race

James, Rhyse and Cody represented Oaklands School in the South West Zone Cross Country this morning. Unfortunatly, they got 17th, 16th and 14th — the first 12 would have gone to the Canterbury Finals.

But a good effort. The boys finished around the middle of the pack, and as they don't do a lot of training, that's not too bad. Maybe next year they will see the value of training.

McDonald's Youth Duathon

James, Mehdi and Robert all competed in the McDonald's Youth Duathon in Hagley Park.

End of the Golden Weather

April 15th at 12:00am

The rain is coming down today, emphasising the change of season. James' rugby practices have started, there are some pre-season games organised, and the cricket ends this weekend. James won't be able to make the game, as he has a cubs camp in Wainui, so last weekend was his last game. The team's c...

Touch Rugby

The end of the golden weather also brings the end of the touch rugby season. The team - the Falcons - had good year. Like last year, they had won every game in the regular season. Unlike last year, they also won the semi-final and the final!.

The Falcons - Under 9's Halswell Touch Rugby Champio...